Dr. Gary Lopaschuk,

BSc (Pharm), MSc, PhD is President and CEO. He is an internationally recognized cardiovascular scientist who has unique expertise in the areas of cardiovascular energy metabolism and metabolic modulation. He has widely published the results from his scientific and clinical investigations related to the regulation and drug induced modulation of fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism in heart and sketetal muscle.

Metabolic Modulators employs biologists who specialize in molecular characteristics of enzymes involved in the regulation of energy metabolism, as well as chemists with expertise in synthesizing compounds which target metabolic enzymes.

Dr. Jason R.B. Dyck,

Dr. Jason Dyck, BSc, PhD is MMRL’s Vice President of Research. Dr. Dyck is a molecular biologist who has considerable expertise in a wide variety of cardiovascular related fields. These fields include cardiac energy metabolism, cardiac gene regulation, intracellular pH regulation, and myocyte apoptosis. The breadth and scope of Dr Dyck’s background provides MMRL with considerable expertise that has contributed greatly to the success of the company..


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