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All cellular activity requires energy derived from ATP, a "high enegry" molecule produced primarily by the mitochondrial oxidation of acetyl CoA. Beta - oxidation of fatty acids provides the major source of acetyl CoA in heart and most skeletal muscle, while most of the remainder arises from the metabolism of carbohydrates. Rates of fatty acid metabolism are not constant and depend on several interacting factors, including ATP demand, fuel delivery and oxygen.



Research in MMRL laboratories documents the complex biochemical processes that control the rates of energy substrate metabolism under normal conditions, as well as during pathological conditions when abnormal metabolic processes lead to further adverse effects on cell function. This research technology is currently under patent review.



The pharmacological optimization of cellular energy metabolism offers an exciting new approach to the management of several common clinical disorders.

MMRL has established that drug - induced optimization of energy substrate metabolism is efficacious in improving mechanical function in the post - ischemic heart.

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