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MMRL has already identified a number of key regulatory steps in fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism that offer novel targets for drug development. In some cases, lead compounds have been identified and their efficacy in the treatment of cardiac ischemia has been documented under experimental and clinical conditions. MMRL aims to develop further this technology through collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry in the form of partnerships and licensing agreements.

MMRL has also arrays of drug activity at other targets. This patented molecular and biochemical technology will be made available, under exclusive licensing agreements, to industrial partners. These agreements will facilitate the identification and joint patenting of lead compounds that will undergo further pre-clinical development in animal models, which are already established in MMRL laboratories.

Human clinical trials to assess efficacy and safety, as well as submissions to the drug regulatory authorities, will be accomplished by MMRL through collaboration with partners from the pharmaceutical industry.


MMRL's strategy for growth and bringing products to market is described in the Drug Development plan summarized below:


The Organization
MMRL is a limited company. The company is a joint venture with the University of Alberta. MMRL, through its major shareholders, is directly responsible for the total control and operation of the company. MMRL has obtained and secured laboratory space to commence drug development on the University of Alberta campus.


The company's primary focus will be to develop cardiovascular drugs that act as metabolic modulators. Despite the presence of a number of pharmaceutical products on the market for treatment of various forms of heart disease, including angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), hypertorphic heart disease, cardiomyopathies, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular diseases such as intermittentment claudation and efficiency of the reperfused post - ischemic heart are less than adequate. Optimizing energy metabolism is a novel way of treating these disorders.

MMRL is a leader in developing and bringing the next generation of heart/ skeletal muscle drugs to this huge market. Major pharmaceutical companies have expressed a keen interest in this world-class research.
This is a billion - dollar industry with no real product on the horizon. The potential market for this product is global.


MMRL, through its CEO, has had success in bringing the concepts and proven research on metabolic modulation to the world stage. Dr. Lopaschuk is in high demand around the world as a lecturer on metabolic modulation. Important contacts have been made with senior scientists of major pharmaceutical companies about the importance and potential marketing of these metabolic agents. MMRL is routinely contracted by pharmaceutical companies to show if their compounds are acting on the heart as metabolic modulators.

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